MANILA, Philippines — Kapuso host Iya Villania’s youngest child Alana also now has COVID-19 symptoms, making the whole family infected with the dreaded virus.

Iya earlier revealed that her sons Primo and Leon also tested positive but Drew has already recovered.

In her Instagram account, Iya posted a photo of her with her youngest child Alana.

“And here she is my poor baby girl who’s probably having the hardest time dealing with symptoms. It’s unli cuddles for this one right now,” Iya wrote.

She also gave an update about the condition of her sons.

“Primo had a meltdown last night too… Kuya seemed like he had it all together until I noticed he wasn’t looking okay. I cuddled up next to him and then he started to cry. Poor boy,” she said.

“Leon on the other hand, by night, he was fine! Like nothing happened. Not sure if that’s really it for him but so far since last night, he hasn’t had a fever and his demeanor is back to what it was before he got sick!” she added.

The “24 Oras” host also shared the symptoms of her kids.

“Had to give both Primo and Alana Calpol last night. Primo slept fine and woke up na lang to take another dose when he started to get warm again. So far his symptoms have been sneezing (which was only yesterday morning) and fever,” she said.

“Alana, on the other hand, has been warm and uneasy since last night and wants nothing but cuddles. Symptoms the kids have been experiencing so far: sneezing (Primo), vomiting (Leon and Primo - I found this happened during intake of meds), and fever (all 3 kids),” she added.

She’s hoping that her kids will be soon okay as she thanked those who prayed for them.

“Hoping Leon is done with it for good (it’s day 3 for him today). I think Primo will be too soon because aside from his fever his demeanor is good, and hopefully so will Alana (Both day 2). Hoping tomorrow will be better for these monkeys,” she said.