Magic Johnson's unceremonious and surprising exit as Los Angeles Lakers team president shook the NBA world towards the end of the regular season. Ever since, the proverbial flood gates opened up in Hollywood, bringing the Lakers towards the top of the league in terms of dysfunction, thanks to his beef with general manager Rob Pelinka.

So, whose side is owner Jeanie Buss on? If you're a firm believer in Twitter likes showing true colors, then you'll believe Buss is siding with Magic.

Buss liked a tweet from "Silver Screen & Roll," an SB Nation blog, which mentioned Johnson's desire to replace Pelinka and head coach Luke Walton immediately if he were to get a do-over as Lakers president.

After this screenshot spread across social media, the tweet disappeared from Buss' likes. Was it a reactionary decision based on the amount of steam it gained? Or was the like accidental? We'll never know.

Ever since leaving the team, Johnson has been vocal against Pelinka, whom the Basketball Hall of Famer called a "backstabber." Johnson also added that he wanted to fire Walton during the season, but was met with disapproval from the team.

The drama flipped over to Johnson on Tuesday, as allegations were made about the former team president "bullying" employees, which he vehemently denied during his appearance on "SportsCenter" on Tuesday.