The year 2021 is shaping up to be a promising one if you're a fan of 2PM. The South Korean boy band are set to make a return to music as a complete group early this year.

Here's all you need to know for 2PM's comeback below.


The group's agency JYP Entertainment has announced officially announced on January 13 that 2PM is planning to make a comeback with all six members after member Junho is discharged from the military. He is currently scheduled to be discharged from the military on March 20, 2021, which will mark the successful completion of the group's military service after fellow member Chansung completed his service earlier this month.


Although it hasn't been revealed what exact material 2PM is cooking up for fans in the near future, they have promised that 2021 will be a fruitful year for the group, starting off with "good content." Looking at the year ahead, the group shared in a statement, “With all of the members together, we will greet you with good content. Please look forward to a 2021 that is chock-full of 2PM," according to Soompi.

For eager fans, the official update on their return to music is long-awaited news, as the group has been teasing a comeback since 2019. 2PM's Nichkhun hinted at a new album when he made a guest appearance on a March 2019 broadcast of SBS LoveFM's 'Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook’s Unni’s Radio'.

When asked about a potential 2PM album, he replied, “[An album] will be released," according to a Soompi article at the time. "We promised each other. For the members to be discharged from the military, I think it’ll be 2021 at the earliest. That’s because Junho and Chansung haven’t enlisted yet. But [we’ll] release [an album] for sure. When we watch other people’s performances, we say things like ‘Let’s also do this.'”

Then in April last year, Nichkhun also shared his excitement at performing the group's 2015 hit 'My House' sometime during their upcoming comeback. His note came in response to the song becoming viral again (five years later in 2020, after its release) and saw numerous covers by younger idols. "If we have a comeback, we have to perform ‘My House’ no matter what," he said.

When it comes to their albums, if 2PM plans to drop a new full-length this year, it will follow approximately five years after the group released their 2016 Korean-language album 'Gentlemen's Game' and their 2016 Japanese LP 'Galaxy of 2PM'.

Fan reactions

Fans on Twitter have been quick to share their excitement for 2PM's 2021 comeback. "The mere thought of a 2PM comeback feels surreal," said a fan while another wrote, "Okay, I'm finally ready for 2PM comeback, yes it took me 3 and a half years I'm still nervous tho, IDK what to expect."

One fan shared, "Super junior, shinee, 2pm confirmed comebacks tapos bigbang rumored comeback, IMAGINE THE YEAR END MUSIC FESTS AAAAAAAHHHHHH."

Another fan wrote in all caps, "MY KINGS!!!!!!! ARE COMING BACK!!!!! THEY SAID THEY'LL BE BACK AND THEY W I L L!!!!!"

"All these years of waiting is worth it," added another fan.