WINDERMERE, FLORIDA: Two men were beaten to death and a woman got seriously injured after a man invaded their home and tried to steal their car. But a 10-year-old boy saved himself by hiding in a bathroom from where he also called 911. According to reports, the alleged attack happened at a home in the 2900 block of Sunbittern Court in the Lake Crescent Reserve community on Thursday, July 30, when the suspect, identified as Ezekiel Emanuel Hopkins, pushed the community’s gate open with his car before trying to steal a car from the home. However, when he was confronted by the homeowners -- John and Lisa Savey, both 61, he attacked them.

“We do know that in a video that we saw right here from the front entrance here that he came down the road on a high rate of speed turned into this entrance and pushed the gate open turned his lights off,” Police Chief David Ogden said.

Police said Hopkins allegedly killed John with a baseball bat and then went inside the home to attack Lisa and her 30-year-old son James Savey. While Lisa suffered serious injuries, James died. The old woman was rushed to a hospital for treatment. “Words can’t really describe what we wanna say to this family our hearts and our prayers certainly go out to them,” Ogden added.

Officials also stated that the young boy who was living at the home with his grandparents called 911 when the accused was still inside the home. The Winter Garden police dispatcher kept the boy on the phone call as he hid in the bathroom. When officers from the Windermere Police Department, the Ocoee Police Department, Oakland Police Department, and deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene, they found Hopkins in another bathroom of the house. The suspect apparently drank some bleach and was not responsive; he was taken to Health Central. He is facing two counts of murder and a charge of aggravated battery. The child was found unharmed and officers said he was doing well. “Just amazing this brave young man and the dispatcher did a phenomenal job,” Ogden said of the young boy.

In another incident, a six-year-old boy called 911 screaming his mother was trying to kill him as the woman stabbed him over 25 times before officers killed her. The alleged incident happened in Henderson, Nevada when Claudia Nadia Rodriguez tried to kill her son, Winston Lee Xavier Brandon.

The child then called 911 for help after being stabbed several times by his mother. Police then arrived on the scene to find Winston covered in blood and his mother naked on the ground. But as the 37-year-old wrestled with the first officer to get his gun, she was shot by a second officer. She later succumbed to her injuries in a hospital. It has been said that she was possibly mentally unstable. While her son, Winston was rushed into emergency surgery at University Medical Center in Las Vegas for stab wounds, he was expected to survive.