As the protests demanding justice for slain Minneapolis resident George Floyd continue to spread across the nation, President Donald Trump declared himself the “president of law and order” at the White House Rose Garden on Monday (June 1).

On witnessing the government’s latest move, the fear among citizens has only gotten worse, with many taking to social media to express their concern about the ongoing situation and requesting one another to come together in the fight against injustice. Many celebrities have become active on social media following the unrest in the country. Commenting on the president’s latest action and based on the voice recording obtained from a walkie-talkie that was released on Twitter, the ‘Maze Runner’ actor tweeted, “SHARE THIS!! “Shoot to kill, that’s what Mr. Trump said, ‘shoot to kill’ “. Let that sink in. Make no mistake about who has incited these riots. Who has reignited white supremacy & empowered racists like Derek Chauvin.”

Towards the end, before sharing the video of a walkie-talkie with the alleged conversation between the president with the police force, Brien further added, “Stay angry. And don’t forget any of this come November #BLM”

Seconding his views, one of his fans tweeted, “Thank you for speaking up Dylan! I’m from the UK and I despise Donald Trump. I don’t have words to despise my hate for him!”

“I’m just gonna retweet every single tweet of u. this is so f*ckin important ty for being such a good idol” added another.

Meanwhile, a few fans are glad that the actor has re-appeared on the internet after a long break to speak up about the important issue.

“Is it just me or do u recognize that Dylan became soo active on twitter like he was posting once a year and now he's posting everyday, i'm just so happy, idk why, it feels like we're connected to dylan bc he hasn't any social media like IG or FB.,” said one fan.

However, a few have asked the actor if he could prove that the words mentioned in his statement were made by the president himself. “There’s no proof this is real. It’s actually easy to fake something like this and is dangerous you are sharing this. You can’t just tune in to the police frequency... also if this was real all the protesters would be dead!, “ expressed one Twitter user.