Delhi is likely to see another hot and humid day on Thursday, as showers are expected to hit the city only on Friday, forecasters said.

Officials in the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said that some parts of the city may get some rain, but the activity is likely to pick up by July 23 only. “The rainfall activity is likely to pick up again on July 23 and July 26 when moderate showers are expected,” said a senior IMD official.

On Thursday morning, the minimum temperature was recorded as 22.4 degrees Celsius, five notches below normal. After two days of heavy and continuous rainfall on Monday and Tuesday, the city again is back to experiencing hot days without a trace of rainfall.

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“The day temperature remains high because of no rainfall while the night is cooler because of the easterly winds blowing,” the official added.

Weather analysts at IMD said that though July is likely to see more rain, more rainfall in the Capital occurs during August only. “This is because the monsoon trough and easterly winds from the Bay of Bengal, the two primary conditions for rainfall, are more favourable during this time for Delhi. This is why the ‘normal’ monsoon rainfall count in the city for this month is higher (247.7mm) than July (210mm),” said another official.

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