LUCENA CITY –– After three days of zero coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases, four new "positive" patients were reported by the Quezon public information office (QPIO) on Tuesday morning.Three new COVID-19 patients were in Lucena City and another one from Catanauan town, the first recorded case in the said locality, the QPIO revealed in its 8 a.m. bulletin.Quezon, now under general community quarantine, has 102 confirmed COVID-19 cases on its record, a spike from its last list of 98 on May 30.At least 73 of the recorded COVID-19 patients in the province have recovered but eight others had died.The province now has a total of 21 active virus carriers, all confined in a medical facility.Lucena City has 14 active virus carriers.The surge in the number of COVID-19 patients in this city should not be a cause for alarm, Lucena Mayor Roderick Alcala earlier maintained.The spike in the cases is the result of the fast turnaround of test results from a COVID-19 laboratory in the city that started operations on May 19, he insisted.Local health authorities still monitor 78 suspected as COVID-19 carriers, who are confined in different hospitals in Quezon, while 65 others are on home quarantine.LZB