Leading a team isn't easy and who knows it better than Captain Sandy Yawn, who will be running the show on The Wellington, a 184 feet yacht all set to navigate the Spanish waters. Ever since Bravo's 'Below Deck Mediterranean' returned with Season 5, fans have been questioning Sandy's methods. Even though she has her team's best interests at heart, her actions speak otherwise.

During a team meeting, Sandy made it clear that she'd be keeping a close eye on the crew to ensure that the service is top-notch and appreciated by the charter guests. Little did they know that she'd be micro-managing them. Each time after the food was served, she would walk up to the guests and check on them about the quality and taste of the food. One of them promptly said the steak was dry and she was quick to relay the feedback to chef Hindrigo "Kiko" Lorran.

The incessant quality check comes from shocking events that took place in the previous season. Season 4 chef Mila Kolomeitseva once licked a raw steak before cooking it to serve the guests. She even prepared a plate of nachos using pre-packaged cheese. "In my career, I promise you, this has never happened. Chefs don't do that. At all," she shared during US Weekly's Hot Hollywood podcast.

Meanwhile, Sandy's behavior has fans thinking that in doing so, she is throwing her team under the bus. "First charter and Sandy already throwing her team under the bus by encouraging the guests to feel they've been poorly serviced. #BelowDeckMed," a viewer commented, while another shared: "Sandy fishing for problems with the food is so awkward for the guests. I would feel so uncomfortable if someone questioned me like that.. #BelowDeckMed."

"Capt Sandy did the same thing last season. I swear she does it for the camera time. It's so obvious she wants them to find anything wrong. #BelowDeckMed," a user tweeted."Isn't it @hannahferrier's job to check on the guests with the food? Let Hannah do her job. It's ridiculous the way Capt Sandy disregards certain crew members #BelowDeckMed," a fan expressed, while another wrote: "Never has a Captain been in the dining area so much. It's a little ridiculous but here goes another season of Captain Sandy micro managing the crew. #BelowDeckMed."

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