You don't have to attend an argument you're invited to. That goes for Hall of Fame basketball player Magic Johnson, who was wrongly put on blast by Philadelphia sports personality Howard Eskin on Friday.

With the NBA beginning to partially reopen team facilities this upcoming Monday, ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Orlando Magic have received permission from the league and Orange County (Fla.) to test their players for the coronavirus. Additionally, Woj tweeted out a quote from the organization that stresses they aren't taking the tests away from healthcare workers.

Leave it to Eskin to misinterpret the quote, as he thought it came from the Los Angeles Lakers legend, not the Magic organization.

Are we really shocked by this? Eskin is the same guy who called Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen, "Lawrence McCutcheon." He's someone who really doesn't pay much attention to detail.

So, it's only fitting that Twitter roasted him for inexcusably bashing Johnson.

And Magic's definitely not going to be there to reply to Eskin's dumb tweet.

Don't even waste your energy trying to explain it to Eskin. He's not going to listen, and you're only going to give yourself a migraine in the process.

It's safe to say that Magic is laughing right now. Eskin probably made his day. Thanks Howard!

And it's not the first time Eskin has made himself look like a fool.

Ah, this gem is now 'Freezing Cold Takes' official. All is right in the world.

A word to the wise for everyone: check your tweet before hitting the send button. Don't be like Eskin.