Just a year removed from making the Pro Bowl and leading the Chicago Bears to a division title, Mitchell Trubisky finds himself in a competition for the starting quarterback job with Nick Foles after one of the most lackluster seasons posted by any starting quarterback in 2020. Trubisky's limited arm talent and unwillingness to go deep prove he's nothing more than a capable backup. Having said that, these four backups prove that Trubisky might not even belong among the best deputy quarterbacks, should Foles win the starting job.

4. Jacoby Brissett

Brissett was not great last year, and Philip Rivers is likely the better option, but this dude can sling the football. In two seasons as the starter in Indianapolis, Brissett has thrown for 31 touchdowns and 13 interceptions, and he led a flawed Colts roster to a 7-9 record in the wake of Andrew Luck's sudden retirement. Should Rivers falter, the Colts should be somewhat relieved knowing an athletic backup with a rocket arm is waiting in the wings.

3. Case Keenum

Keenum will be playing his home games in his sixth different city in six years, but there is a reason the man keeps bouncing from team to team as a bridge quarterback. College football's all-time leading passer, Keenum has enough accuracy and arm talent to put up some solid numbers. He'll win games, too, as he took the Vikings to the NFC Championship in 2017-18. Keenum will back up Baker Mayfield in Cleveland this year, giving the Browns one of the better insurance plans at quarterback in the game.

2. Marcus Mariota

If Mariota was on the Bears right now, he would be the clear choice to start at quarterback. The Titans were right to move off of him, but 87 touchdowns in five years while making plays with both his ultra-accurate arm and his tremendous athleticism helped the Titans get to the playoffs and upset Andy Reid and the Chiefs in 2017. Mariota might challenge Derek Carr for the starting job in Vegas, and his athleticism gives him a ceiling twice as high as Trubisky.

1. Jameis Winston

Most guys that throw for 5,000 yards and lead the league in passing don't take backup gigs for chump change the next season, but that's what happens when you throw 30 interceptions. Winston might have issues with decision making, but his truly special arm talent and solid leadership qualities made it a shocking development when he accepted a one-year contract as Drew Brees' backup with the New Orleans Saints. He would blow Trubisky and Foles out of the water and start instantly with the Bears.