One woman was branded a “terrorist” during an expletive-ridden rowt between three passengers onboard a flight in the US.

Footage shot by a fellow passenger shows several members of cabin crew, on the service from Atlanta to Los Angeles, trying to defuse the situation.

The expletive-laden argument between the three women, who are seated in adjacent rows to each other, seems to revolve around two of them being too loud, and the other asking them to be quiet.

“We’re having a conversation,” a blonde woman in a black zip-up top says.

“I’ve been quiet this whole f***** time,” shouts the woman next to her, dressed in a red top.

In the video, the woman in red is heard continuously calling the other woman in front, dressed in a green headscarf, a “b****”.

She then stands up and screams at the woman in front, “'I'm trying to go to sleep and this b**** keeps trying to talk to me.”

A member of cabin crew is heard loudly saying “enough girls”, adding “what are we going to do?”.

Another flight attendant soon joins the fray to try to calm the women down. The cabin crew member also asks fellow passengers to put their phone away to stop filming.

The woman in black, who insists that the other woman “started it”, then shouts “she is a terrorist” several times, while the woman in the green headscarf is led away up the aisle by cabin crew.

A fellow passenger told the Daily Mail: "The two ladies were talking so loudly and cursing. The lady across from me asked them to be quiet because of the kids on the plane and that's when the fight started.

“In the end, the airline let them go without pressing charges or anything.”

Incidents of air rage are not uncommon.

Between 2007 and 2017, more than 66,000 incidents of air rage were reported to the International Air Transport Association (Iata).

Earlier this week, a 26-year-old woman has been jailed for two years after trying to open the door of a passenger plane in mid-air.

Chloe Haines was found guilty at Chelmsford Crown Court on Wednesday of endangering the safety of an aircraft and assaulting a member of cabin crew.

The air-rage incident occurred on board a Jet2 flight last June, which was flying to Dalaman in Turkey.