In an interview to Barkha Dutt, Sushant Singh Rajput's therapist Susan Walker opened up on the late actor's medical condition, adding that she decided to breach confidentiality given the reckless media coverage around mental health and the lynch mobs unleashing hate on social media. She also said that Rhea Chakraborty was a constant support for Sushant and even "gave him courage to seek help".

"Sushant was suffering from bipolar disorder. Symptoms can include severe anxiety. Mental health is no different to cancer or diabetes. Appalling stigma around mental health makes it difficult for patients", Susan said.

Susan added that Sushant was suffering terribly during his "bouts of depression and hypomania". In a pre-prepared text that was shared with Barkha, Susan said she met Rhea and Sushant over multiple sessions in November 2019. "When Sushant was severely ill he depended on Rhea as somewhat of a mother figure. Rhea gave Sushant courage to attend the sessions. The treatment that Rhea has received on social media is deeply shocking to me", the text reads.

"Misinformation and conspiracy theories made it my duty to make a statement", said Susan. She also said that Sushant was fearful of the stigma and added that his tragic demise should be a lesson to do away with the stigma associated with mental illness.

This revelation led to divided opinions on Twitter:

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