Har Prasad will never forget to check under his bed before going to bed.

The farmer from Nanau village in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh woke up at around 12 am on Tuesday to find a five-foot-long crocodile under his bed.

Prasad said he was sleeping on the veranda of his house on his field when he woke up to the sound of dogs barking.

“I switched on my torch and saw a pack of dogs looking straight towards my cot and barking. After looking around, I saw the crocodile. I got very nervous, but then decided to shout out for help,” he said.

Prasad raised an alarm and managed to summon some men to his aid. The villagers then tied the reptile with a rope and informed the forest department.

A team comprising forest ranger Ashok Kumar and forest inspectors Virendra Singh and Avdhesh came to the village in the morning and released the reptile in the Hazara canal at Sankra, about half a kilometre from the village.

“The crocodile was about two years old. It may have reached the village travelling through the canal,” said Singh.

“The villagers had tied it up using ropes. We released it safely in the water,” he added.