Whether it is tweeting on the Palghar lynching incident or the plight of the migrant workers amid the pan-India lockdown, actor Kritika Kamra doesn't believe in mincing words when it comes to talking about socio-political issues.

While her strong viewpoint has garnered immense support, she was also subjected to trolls.

"It has been more than 50 days of lockdown and watching migrants suffer on the road is very disturbing," rues Kamra, adding that people doubted her concern and did point fingers.

"When I tweeted about it, the first question that one of the trolls asked was, 'What are you doing in this?' I feel it's none of their business to know, and charity is a personal decision and one should keep it private. We all are helping others in the best of our capacity," she continues, "Even if you take care of the needs of your staff members and their family, you're doing a charity. We shouldn't make it pressure or an obligation for someone."

Not one to pay much heed to such negativity on social media, the 31-year-old admits that sometimes trolls can get very vicious.

"It's very tempting to reply to them but I ignore it. I don't give it to mindless trolling. However, if there is a scope to do a healthy discussion or make a point, I do reply," she maintains.

Kamra feels that instead of trolling, as a citizen, we should exercise the right to question our government and the decisions made by the leaders, and hold them accountable for the things which are going wrong in the country.

"I like to be informed and well-read about government policies and decisions. And every time you question the authority, there is always going to be people who will support you as well as troll you. But, we shouldn't stop ourselves from doing this," concludes the actor, who recently visited Chanderi and is helping traditional weavers in MP who re facing the brunt of the pandemic.

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