​The ​Kansas City Chiefs kick off their ​offseason workouts on Monday as they prepare to defend their AFC West title ahead of the 2019 campaign.

Star wideout Tyreek Hill ​has b​een under investigation for abuse allegations throughout much of the offseason. But despite the ongoing probe, reports suggest Hill will be present for the team's workout program in Kansas City.

The investigation has yet to uncover any incriminating evidence against Hill, and the NFL won't hand down any kind of punishment until then. So, there should be no issue with Hill attending his team's voluntary workouts on Monday.

There's really no timetable for how long the investigation will take. We could hear something tomorrow, or we could end up waiting until the start of training camp before we learn of a new development. It's difficult to predict.

As for the Chiefs, they were a play or two away from making the trip to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII, so the last thing they want is to lose their top offensive playmaker.

Ideally, the organization would like to get the verdict sooner rather than later, so they can adapt and make adjustments to the roster if their star receiver is suspended by the league. With the draft just ten days away, the​ Chiefs could decide to draft a wideout regardless of Hill's status just to play it safe, though they may be better off bolstering their defense.

If the allegations against Hill prove to be true, there's a chance he's cut from the team all together, as was the case with running back ​Kareem Hunt, who has since ​joined the Cleveland Browns.

For now, Chiefs fans will have to wait until the investigation is concluded and a verdict is reached regarding the allegations facing the All-Pro wideout.